Content Licensing

Written's flexible Content Licenses make it easy for both Blogger and Brands to work together.

Bloggers, we know you work hard to create compelling content. Brands, we understand how the right content can help you build a loyal customer audience. With our Content Licenses, both bloggers and brands can find a license that works for them.

Content & Traffic License

This license moves the content over to the brand's site, along with the audience. Visitors who attempt to read the article on the publisher’s site are redirected to the article on the brand’s website until the license ends. While the content appears on the brand's site, the content cannot be changed, and the article is properly bylined and includes a bio.

AdBuyout License

This license replaces the styling around article on the original publisher's site. Think of this as a single page sponsorship where the brand buys out all the ad units on one article. It's an especially effective way to target a very niche audience.