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Is Google’s AdSense Really Worth It?

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Have you stopped to think that the reason why you are not making money with Google AdSense is maybe because it is not the program that is not performing well, but rather the way you use it and going a bit further, your own website? Yeah, AdSense is not good for useless and low quality sites. Unless you can create thousands of MFA (made for AdSense) sites that each generate some dollars a month, then you might just get away with. Other than that, I have my doubts. https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/66356?hl=en

I know that you are here reading this because you are an avid reader of my blog, lol. That being the case, you should know that I do not provide income reports like many others do. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is anything wrong with doing that. As a matter of fact, if properly presented, it might just be a source of inspiration for those who want to see what a specific blogger is making money with, and within the process learn something from it. In my case, I prefer to show them individually, meaning, when I write something about a topic, I will show my earnings only for that purpose (when relevant). Anyway, this is what is due to me this month from Mr. G.

Inspiring, is it not? I know of other people people who make more than this on a monthly basis, like Lisa of 2createawebsite (I love her advices, specially her new Niche Website Success ebook). Bigger sites obviously are out the equation as we don’t want our tiny blogs to be compared with the big ones :). But to me, this is great and keeps me motivated. So, to answer the question, Yes, done properly AdSense is a great source of income. Notice that I did not put a “passive” in front of income, because passive normally relates to “autopilot”, “not doing a lot”, and so on. This may work for some lucky few, but in general, trust me, this is not the case for most of us - effort is required.

Now, next obvious question is where? Where do I make these AdSense earnings from? Well, I can tell you right now that iBlogzone only represents 25% of these earnings, and that is only after I implemented some changes, in accordance with some few stuff I learned from Lisa, Hesham and Brankica. So to show you that not all niches are “qualified” candidates for making money with AdSense. There you go again with knowing how to pick the right niche.

Secrets To Making Money With AdSense

OK, No magic formula for this one. There are many systems out there that will tell you that they can help you create a niche site in less than 5 minutes. Sure that is true, but one thing is creating sites, and the other is to actually make money from them. You need to work on the quality of your website and drive traffic to it (preferably organic – so is applying best SEO practices important?). If you heard about placement targeting, you should know that this is the option where advertisers can choose where they want their ads to show up. Normally, this is where the bigger CPC’s come from.

In addition, you need to place those ads where they can be seen but not the “in your face” kind of thing. You have to work on target placements (as mentioned above), filtering categories, research for good keywords (decent CPC), many trial and error, track your performance with custom channels, and the list goes on. As you can see, it is not just copying and pasting code, hoping for the best. People are already “blind” with so many ads so they have to be happy when they find your site. Show them great content, make your site compelling and you just may get surprised.

AdSense Tips For Ads Placements

To get you started, I got a whole bunch of articles related to AdSense, so just browse on those and you may just get a few tips here and there.

The following articles are a good place to start:

There you have it. Done properly, there is money to be made with Google AdSense, and I hope that this can serve as a source of inspiration for you. Rather than saying, AdSense being this, or AdSense being that, stop, strategize, implement, and put in the effort. I know that it will not work for everyone. There are those who succeed with it, and unfortunately, there are those who don’t. The question is, which side do you want to be in? Take “action”, and go, go, go. To your success.

This article is by DiTesco from iblogzone.com.

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