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Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great week. So, by now you may be curious as to what exactly is "Pinfographic". Well it is just a word I came out with that combines Pinterest with Infographic. Why? Don't know about you, but after testing some of my pins this week, I noticed that "infographic" type pins are the ones that generate more traffic for my sites than anything else. Aside from all the advantages of using infographics to generate content, it appears that there is greater interest within the Pinterest community for these types of content. I will leave this "bit size" tip just for you to know.

On a side note, you may have heard about the whole hulahbahlooh of Pinterest using SkimLinks to make money. If you are into affiliate marketing, you may have (probably) paid more attention about the program itself rather than the "scandal" of Pinterest not disclosing to their users that they were using SkimLinks to generate income. Anyway, like VigLink, Skimlinks is quite an interesting concept and you may want to head over there to check it out.

Lastly, Matt's video about scraped content is quite interesting. Content scrapers suck and instead of "fighting" them, why not turn the process in your favor? Tynt SEO is one of those great tools that you should be using, as not only it is free, it helps you get attribution from scrapers. Find out more about Tynt SEO on my latest article titled best SEO tools for 2012.

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