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Level Up Your Content in 5 Easy Steps

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You may be shocked to learn that the world's greatest content won't be enough. There are roughly 1 billion active sites currently fighting for the public's attention. Content marketing is the comet streaking across the night’s sky that can illuminate your blog to an audience who truly appreciate its value.

Before your content can be seen as useful  to your audience, content marketing makes sure it is even seen at all. Content helps  you strengthen your connections, boost the power of sharing and open up new channels for delivering your messages. The following 5 suggestions will electrify your conversion rates and help you jumpstart cold contacts, turning your existing content into a performance tuned revenue generator.

Action Item 1: Use retargeting ads to bring your audience back.

One of the best aspects of the web is that you have another chance to make a great first impression. On average, 98 percent of your visitors will bounce without converting. Yet, people will need five (or more!) brand exposures to remember you.

Retargeting helps you reclaim some of those wandering souls, but to make it work, you need to offer your audience a reason to return. For example: by offering an e-book.  Here’s our recommended playbook to do just that:

  1. Sign up for Perfect Audience, Adroll, and other retargeting services.  Copy and paste their tracking pixel to your blog. Now, while you’re waiting to build an audience of 1000+ cookied visitors, take care of steps 2 and 3.
  2. Create a landing page (use a service like LanderApp or Instapage) to market your e-book.  Give it away to visitors who register.
  3. Create banner ads ads to promote your e-book (check out Banner Snack for easy DIY templates or 99Designs for professional help).
  4. Head back to your retargeting services and setup your campaigns.  Set your budget, and turn on your campaigns, and start reaching your visitors wherever they go online.

Action Item 2: Ask for your visitors’ email with a pop-over.

Install tools from SumoMe to collect more of your visitors’ emails and broaden your reach. It can also help you execute the play book in Action Item 1. All of SumoMe’s tools are designed to boost the sharing of your work, attract likes and follows, and gather email addresses without being overly pushy. Content marketing primarily reaches the top of the marketing funnel, so it is critically important to expand the number of exposures to your brand via social, email, and retargeting. (We have a SumoMe 30 day free trial for you at the end of this post!  There are only 15 redemptions available so grab it fast!)

Action Item 3: Match your CTA’s with readers’ search intent.

Write CTA’s (calls to action) that are specific to each post and based on the search intent that brought users to your site.  Spend some time in Google Webmaster Tools to analyze your keywords, and try to incorporate them into your CTA’s.

Older blog posts  have more time to work, so use that time to refine the posts’ CTAs and content with the keywords. Using conversion optimization techniques like these, some marketers have seen leads generated from their top posts increase by nearly 100 percent.

Action Item 4: Cross-promote your content.

Add a “related post” plugin to your blog. There are a number of services available that easily allow you to do this, YARPP and Outbrain among the most popular. When site visitors are served up thumbnails of your posts similar to what they just read, they are more likely to read the article, thus spending more time on your site. Every additional second on your site and every extra article read, makes you more memorable and more valuable to the visitor.

Action Item 5: Setup Google Analytics to track assists for each article.

You can't improve conversions until you know exactly what's working. Having properly set up analytics is essential to understanding all other performance aspects of your blog. Two especially useful tools are Google Analytics’ Goal Tracking and Content Grouping.  It’s relatively simple to setup and using this method will properly segment out your data to discover which posts and pages on your site are driving the highest conversion numbers with the highest quality traffic.

Remember, content marketing is a top-of-funnel process.  If you’re doing things right, your blog content will be the first, but not last step in your conversion funnel.  Check out the Multi Funnel Attribution report in Google Analytics.  With a couple of tweaks, you can see the number of Assisted Conversion and Direct Conversion attributable to each of your pages.

Extra Credit: Juice your content marketing with content licensing.

Give your content marketing a little extra boost by licensing posts that come with guaranteed traffic. You can find leading voices in your community, and bring many different perspectives into one place, your own site! The audience for this existing content will be primed to engage with your own great articles and your brand. Creating a Written campaign with your most relevant topics is simple and quick. And if your site is on WordPress, the Written plugin makes managing the campaign all the easier, though it’s certainly not required. The right audience, coming from proven content helps everyone.

P.S. - The free trial for SumoMe List Builder Pro is “written”. Here are instructions on how to apply it.  There are 15 redemptions available on this code.

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