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How To Create Interesting Content On Your Blog For People To Read

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If you want to keep things fresh, you have to always be looking for and trying new things. When you start your own blog, you have to apply this to the content you provide your audience with. Yet, because it can sometimes be difficult to be creative all of the time, how can you create unique and interesting content that people will like to read?

Identify People's Needs and Frustrations

When you start your own blog, you first need to truly understand what keeps your target audience up at night. To discover this, I like to check out other blogs and forums as part of the research. Directly asking your audience for their opinions on different topics or creating polls also greatly helps with identifying their needs and frustrations.

Once you have identified their needs and frustrations, you will be able to create unique content that offers value that the audience can use as solutions for their problems.

Be Funny and Entertaining

People love to interact with other people that act like people. I know that sounds a bit odd in itself, but it's true. If you dare to bare a little bit of your soul to your audience, you will make it easier for them to trust you. You can do this easily be sharing personal stories to prove that you are not a robot.

There may be times when it can be difficult to be funny with your content. For example, if you run a blog that is more serious in nature, humor may not necessarily be your friend. However, you can still entertain and grow your audience by sharing personal experiences.

However, just remember to keep them related to the topic.

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Post Different Media Formats

To keep things interesting for your audience, try mixing it up every once and a while. For example, if you always post written content, why not try making a video now and again? Videos are particularly handy as content because they:

• Require little effort to interact with
• Are relatively cheap and easy to create
• Can be hosted on YouTube for free
• Help put a face to your name

Other popular media formats include:

• Podcasts and audiobooks because they can be taken anywhere
• Infographics because they are highly visual and contain lots of data
• Images because most people are very visual

By mixing it up, you will keep your audience guessing about what will be coming next. By supplying plenty of different formats, you will also improve your chances of being noticed by Google. However, like always, you absolutely have to make sure that your content is high quality and relevant to your blog's topic.

Relate the Topics to Current Events

Keeping on top of trends will help you write unique pieces tailored for your blog's audience. There are a number of great examples of this practice from the Super Bowl blackout incident. Many companies took social media by storm with tweets related to the current event.

Oreo in particular was very quick with their tweet saying, “Power out? No problem,” which also included an image with the phrase, “You can still dunk in the dark.” The post became viral in an instant and generated plenty of buzz.

If you stay on top of the current events, you, too, can take advantage of the most perfect selling opportunities. While they may not be as major as Super Bowl blackouts, almost any event can be spun with a unique take to share with your audience.

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Consider Outsourcing

As I mentioned earlier, it can be hard being creative all of the time. To avoid burning yourself out too early in the game, you can try outsourcing content to freelancers.

For example, if you want infographics but can't draw a straight line to save your life, you can find a freelance graphic designer to partner with. Honestly, the possibilities are endless when you are willing to place some faith in others.

When you outsource, you can find plenty of people to work with through:

• LinkedIn
• Guru
• oDesk
• vWorker
• eFreelance

When you know how to write a blog with these various tips on how to create unique and interesting content will keep your audience coming back for more.

Your Turn

How do you create content that interests your audience ? Are there any content strategies that catch more readers and traffic. Please share your stories, strategies and questions in the comment section below.

This post is by Ivan Ho from bloggingbusinesstips.com.

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