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The paint is still wet: Written's new identity and redesigned website

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Today we launched our new identity via our redesigned website. The website features a new logo, color scheme and messaging that better reflects what we are about. We worked closely with the design firm HeavyHeavy to create this new identity and we are excited to share the results with you today.

If you look at our newly launched homepage you will see is this simple statement:

Call us content pushers —
dealers of exceptional works.

We distribute content already proven to perform.

When we redesigned the homepage we wanted it to focus on content.  There are no flashy images or stock photography (we saved that for the blogger and brand pages) just a simple but powerful message.  We chose a message that encompases much of what Written is all about.  The messaging is simple but performing those services is anything but simple.  Over the past year we developed a technology platform that allows us to target and license proven content. We zero in on this content based on the audience that a brand would like to reach.  We are doing this today with many brands and thousands of bloggers.

Written Logo and mark

The new identity better resonates with who we are as a company and we are proud to share it with you today.  Written creates new income opportunities for writers all over the world.  Many of those writers are surprised and touched that their  archives are so valuable.  Written has flipped content marketing on its head with a first of its kind blog content licensing platform.  When your content needs to drive an engaged audience, why gamble with creating something new when you can license something already proven great?

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