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Google Analytics Dashboards & Shortcuts To Measure Content

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Google Analytics solutions-galleryGoogle Analytics is a great tool to measure content but it can be difficult to navigate the data. Dashboards and shortcuts to reports are a very easy way to access just the data you need.

Rather than make you re-invent the wheel, we’ve gathered together the best dashboards & reports to measure content from around the web in one place.

Because Google allows for easy sharing of these systems, all you have to do to set them up is click the link & select the analytics profile and the solution will be automatically added to your profile.

Happy measuring!

Measure Site Traffic

Publisher Dashboard (Source: Google) – This is a great basic dashboard for sites that publish content. It breaks down where visitors came from and what they did once they arrived at your site, including sharing content & converting.

Advanced Publisher Dashboard (Source: Google) – Providing a slightly more in-depth look at your blog’s analytics, this dashboard will tell you things like how many people actually read your whole post (measured by number of views of page bottom) and what channels (rather than specific sources) send the most traffic to your site.

Keyword Analysis Report (Source: eConsultancy) – A clean report on your keywords, including tabs for engagement and revenue metrics. Check this one to measure content by page title and keyword. If your target keyword for that page isn’t the keyword it is sending traffic for, you may want to tweak your strategy a bit.

Keywrod Analysis report



Link Analysis Report (Source: SEOBook) – What links are really helping your site? This report looks at not only traffic but conversions and the monetary value of your links. That information not only helps you replicate the effective links but helps you understand where your customers are actually coming from.

Social Dashboards

VP Social Media Performance Dashboard (Source: Avinash Kaushik) - Of course Avinash has some gorgeous dashboards and a reason for everything – including why he named this dashboard “VP” because he wants to be able to communicate with this dashboard as he would with a Vice President.

Custom Google Analytics Dashboard to measure content

When he asks “What are your business priorities and how will you know when we’ve successfully executed?” Thanks to this dashboard he will have a clear picture of the behavior & outcomes of social visitors.

Dashboard 61 – Social Media Dashboard (Source: Dashboard Junkie) – What sets this dashboard apart is the “Social Visitor Loyalty” and “Interaction by Day of Week”. These can both be very helpful in understanding who your audience is (repeat visitors?) and WHEN they’re engaging. That information can help guide your content marketing strategy.

Conversion/Acquisition Reports

Acquisition Efficiency Analysis Report (Source: Avinash Kaushik) – This report shows you which sources/mediums resulted in the most conversions, value and what the cost was to your organization. A brilliant little wrap up, but for it to be most effective, make sure information regarding costs of channels and conversion value are added to your GA.

Google Analytics Visitor Acquisition Report


SEO Goal Breakdown Report (Source: Dinkum Interactive) – Get into the nitty gritty of whether or not your content is supporting your SEO strategy. This report includes everything from bounce rates to total revenue from SEO.

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