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You likely found this blog through Google Search after clicking through one of our high ranking articles.  The cool thing about that is that we didn't write the article, instead we licensed it using our own platform part of our new startup called Written.

"Written gets you high ranking blog content."

That's what we do.  Give us a set of keywords and we'll not only find content that ranks for them, we'll license it from the original author and transfer it and all of its visitors to your website.  The result is a powerful tool you can use to drive targeted visitors to your website.  Its likely how I got you to read this blog.  You can learn more about our product on our  website or read on to learn more about us and what we are about.

It all started in October of 2012.  I met Jeremy Bencken one of my co-founders at  Tacos and Tequila an upscale Mexican restaurant just west of downtown Austin.  This was our third meeting and the one where he would come up with the idea for Written.

Both Jeremy and I had been running experiments with content looking at the same problem but from different vantage points.  For me, I wanted to know if I could predict the success of content and I was examining crowd sourced content from Hacker News and Reddit.  For Jeremy he was creating content and trying to get it ranked for specific keywords.  We both wanted to know if there was an easier way to obtain successful content.

That day over Chimichurri tacos and diet cokes we hashed out the plan to license high ranking content from bloggers and use it to help drive traffic to brands.  The ultimate goal, the long term vision, to create a marketplace where content creators could sell their content and companies that need content could acquire it.  The unique approach that separates what Written is doing from other attempts at creating content marketplaces is that we would license the visitors along with the content.  So you didn't just buy a blog article, you bought a blog article and the current and future traffic from it.  By including performance the author is rewarded for successful engagement in the past and the buyer is getting predictable  engagement in the future.

Jeremy and I knew that we needed help and recruited Marc Smookler and Connor Hood to help us co-found Written.  We knew Marc from Capital Factory and I had worked previously with Connor.  With an experienced team in place we set out to fulfill a vision of a future where anyone who creates successful content can easily get rewarded for it.

This blog tells that story.


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