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Take a look at who's having success with us as bloggers.

"My blog is my hobby and I prefer not to have to deal with ads. I love that Written is out there, selling my content on my terms. Installing the plug-in was super easy and I get paid every month!"

"The Written messaging is clear, and it was so easy to install the plug-in. I'm looking forward to trying out this program and possibly sharing it with the FinCon community."

"It was simple to implement Written's license on my article. It was also surprising and flattering to be offered a licensing contract for content I had already written. My first contract worked wonderfully, and I hope more of our content is selected in the future."

"Written allows me to get more exposure as a writer while offering advertisers' the content they desire. Written has been punctual in their monetary promises and the process has been seamless and painless."

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How Written Helps Bloggers

You know that your best content attracts a valuable audience, but connecting that audience with the marketers who can value it most is virtually impossible.

That's where we come in. Written loans your top content to trusted marketers worldwide, for a pre-agreed duration. You determine what type of Content License fits you best, maintain 100% control throughout the entire process and retain complete ownership ofyour work.