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Written's flexible licenses make it easy for both Bloggers and Marketers to work together.

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Content & Traffic License

This license moves the content to the marketer’s site, along with the audience. Visitors who attempt to visit the article on the publisher’s site are redirected to the article on the marketer’s website until the license ends. While the content appears on the marketer’s site, the content cannot be changed, and the article is properly by-lined and includes a bio.

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Branded Content License

Ever find an article that's top-ranked and wish you could get your message on it, only to realize that traditional display ad networks force you to advertise across the entire site? Have you noticed those immersive full-page ads on IMDB, CNN, or ESPN? Well, our Branded Content License offers both. This license leaves an article on the publisher's site, but re-skins the page (header & side margins) with your chosen message and calls-to-action. It's an effective way to target a very niche audience with a message that cannot be ignored (or ad blocked!).

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Syndication License

This license allows the marketer to reprint the content on their blog, but does not move traffic. ensures proper attribution including a rel=canonical tag which helps search engines accurately understand the syndication relationship, protecting both blogger and marketer.

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